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Risk Acuity

Every employer knows
that Workers' Compensation
can work better...

... So, how much better can your program perform? How much money can be saved?

What are your challenges?

  • A misaligned inefficient process that increases claim costs
  • Malingering claimants and perpetually "churning" claim files
  • Ineffective vendor performance that wastes dollars
  • Resources and money tied up by old legacy claims
  • Ineffective superficial claim file audits that translate to missed opportunities
  • A workforce with low awareness of WC claim impact and their WC responsibilities
  • Leadership and staff with a lack of defined roles

This is the place for answers! Explore this site to learn about Risk Acuity then contact us to learn about the improvement opportunities for you.

An Exceptional Alternative

Risk Acuity, LLC was established in 2002 as an alternative to high-priced big-named consulting firms. Compare us for yourself. Explore this website, join the Quick Tips newsletter mailing list, and learn why Risk Acuity is a recognized leader in Workers' Compensation program improvement, cost containment, and quality control. Whether you need a small claim file audit, a long term claim closure project or an end-to-end program assessment we provide the independent viewpoint and exceptional skills necessary to bring you success. Also visit ClaimAnswer.com to learn about our immediate small-scale retail consulting offerings.