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Risk Acuity

Risk Acuity is an independent consultancy with a wide range of capability.

Our services are tailored to specific client circumstances. The following list of general service categorizes is a starting point, so please contact Risk Acuity for a detailed discussion of your company's situation and opportunities.

Outsourced Claim Oversight

  • Whole program or one-off basis

Accelerated Claim Closure

  • Close legacy claims
  • Proprietary software, Tactx, designed to support closure process

Program Assessment and Improvement

  • Focused assessment approach tailored to each client
  • Isolate opportuities that will improve your specific operation
  • File reviews validate recommendations by indicating outcomes that can be improved
  • ROI and/or savings goals can be extrapolated
  • Confident investment in process improvement and vendor service alignment
  • Create a WC/Disability "Center of Excellence" or "Best Practice" model specifically for your risk

Integrated or Coordinated Disability Management

  • Appropriate level of occupational and non-occupational program coordination
  • Progressive plan to increase integration over time

Vendor Performance Improvement and Process Alignment

  • Maximum value from all vendors
  • Quality and service standards established specifically for your company and your WC philosophy.

Claim File Audits

  • Tactics and strategy for each case
  • Outcome goals
  • Quality control
  • Performance Assessment
  • Reserve Adjustment

Training and Education

  • Various programs, from one hour web based sessions to a four day on site "boot camp"

Attractive Renewal Support

  • Explain claim history "beyond the numbers" for positive consideration at renewal

Intelligent IT Application

  • Work rules for technology to support your program's workflow

Service Distinctions

Risk Acuity developed Tactx, a proprietary software to support large-scale accelerated claim closure projects. The software diaries and prompts individual tasks for adjusters, defense counsel, nurses and other key parties and provides updated progress reports automatically. Closure projects for hundreds of claims can be managed efficiently. Ask for a demo!

Risk Acuity was awarded a 2010-2011 research project from the National Shipbuilding Research Program to assess the "Best of th Best" Workers' Comp practices from seven Naval shipyards including Electric Boat and Bath Iron Works (General Dynamics) Newport News, Avondale, and Ingalls (Northrop Grumman) NASSCO and Todd Pacific. This completed project was recognized by the US Navy at NAVSEA Headquarters in Washington DC at the September 2011 "NSRP at NAVSEA Day". The project's resulting matrix of 318 Shipyard Best Practices for WC is considered a legacy reference for the industry

Risk Acuity is a certified surveyor for CARF International and has participated in developing accreditation programs for P&C claims operations. Risk Acuity participated in a survey of the Aviva Insurance Company in Canada as part of Aviva's CARF Accreditation process.

Risk Acuity is the lead instructor for the nationally acclaimed Textron Disability Management Boot Camp training program. Barry Thompson led the initial development team with Textron in 1996 and has been lead-instructor for Boot Camp since its inception.

Risk Acuity led a two year project to overhaul the State of Connecticut Second Injury fund,under the office of Connecticut State Treasurer. This project was initiated by Barry Thompson while at Deloitte & Touche then was completed by Thompson after founding Risk Acuity, LLC. The sweeping project improved operations and fiscal status allowing over $600 million saved in debt financing and lowered assessment rates for employers & insurers.